LASIK Facts & Myths

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LASIK Eye Surgery Information

Common LASIK Eye Surgery Myths

Myth: LASIK complications can make you go blind.

The truth is, there has never been a case of blindness as a result of LASIK eye surgery complications reported in the United States. The risk of going blind from a LASIK complication is actually comparable to the risk of blindness from wearing contacts. 

Myth: The more procedures a LASIK surgeon has performed, the better chance of a positive outcome.

Actually, while the experience of the LASIK surgeon is important, there is a tapering learning curve. Once a LASIK eye surgeon has passed that initial learning curve, typically 200-300 procedures, the quality of the LASIK surgery becomes more impressive and important than simply comparing the surgeon's quantity of eyes done. Personalized, quality care and a track record of positive outcomes is what you should look for in a LASIK surgeon.

LASIK Facts & Information

Myth: All Laser LASIK (IntraLase or Bladeless) is the safest procedure.

Every LASIK procedure involves creating a flap in the surface of the cornea. IntraLase procedures utilize a laser to create that flap instead of the microkeratome blade used in regular LASIK. IntraLase carries its own risks, such as light sensitivity, which although infrequent does not make IntraLase a safer or better procedure. Your LASIK surgeon and yourself will assess your needs and determine the procedure that is right for you during your free consultation. We offer contracted prices on both microkeratome and IntraLase procedures, allowing you choice, quality, and savings. 

Myth: Everybody is eligible for LASIK eye surgery.

While many wish to have LASIK performed, a percentage of people are not good candidates for the surgery. In fact, about 30% of potential patients evaluated by an ophthalmologist are routinely rejected as candidates for the procedure. There are various factors that can disqualify a person, so the best way to learn if you are a candidate is to attend a LASIK exam. During this appointment, the surgeon will perform a full comprehensive eye exam to determine if LASIK eye surgery is an option for you. QualSight offers FREE LASIK exams with the best credentialed surgeons, allowing those interested in having LASIK to learn if they are a candidate without having to pay for an evaluation.

Myth: LASIK Eye Surgery is painful.

LASIK is the most popular elective procedure performed today, largely due to the ease of the surgery itself. Eye drops are used to numb the eyes and keep them comfortable during LASIK, which takes only about 15 minutes for both eyes. You will feel some pressure briefly, but laser reshaping of the eye is pain-free. If you feel nervous prior to your procedure, your surgeon may give you a mild sedative to help you relax.

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