LASIK Eye Surgery Cost & Laser Eye Procedures Defined

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The price of LASIK Varies by Procedure Type & Technology Used

The national average LASIK eye cost surgery with doctors who only offer one price was $2,355 per eye in 2019. There are several different FDA approved LASIK procedures and research is required to learn what type you are considering. 

LASIK eye surgery cost is priced separately per eye and varies significantly depending on the technology used. LASIK prices have increased in 2019 due to advancements in laser technologies. The reported national average price is between $995 to $2,900 per eye.

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Average LASIK Prices - Reported by Surgeons in 2019

The national average cost of LASIK during 2019 using the FDA approved bladed method is $1,700 per eye. Alternatively, state-of-the-art technologies such as bladeless Custom-Wavefront LASIK is $2,300 per eye and varies by geographic region and surgeon experience.  The LASIK pricing listed below demonstrates the savings with QualSight versus the overall national average price. In addition, the LASIK procedures listed below highlights the differences in the technology:

  1. Traditional  - also known as Conventional or Standard LASIK is the lowest priced procedure. The national average cost is $1,649 per eye*, however the QualSight price is under $1,000
  2. Custom - also known as Wavefront typically adds several hundred dollars to the price.  The national average cost is $2,145 per eye*, however the QualSight price is under $1,400
  3. Bladeless - also known as "all-laser LASIK" or IntraLase and utilizes an additional femtosecond laser which typically adds several hundreds of dollars in cost making it the highest priced procedure. Bladeless is available in either Traditional or Custom Wavefront technology
  4. PRK - is also a bladeless procedure but does not use an additional laser to create the flap and is available in either Traditional or Custom technology. The pricing for PRK varies by provider
  5. Bladed - uses a microkeratome blade and is available in Custom or Traditional technology. It typically costs several hundred dollars less than Bladeless
  6. Warranty or Assurance Plans - doctors typically offer either a one year plan or a conditional lifetime plan and these plans offered by the doctor vary in price

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How Much Can you Save on LASIK?

QualSight LASIK prices are all inclusive and start at less than a thousand dollars per eye. Your total price at QualSight includes the following: the initial pre-operative exam, LASIK plus a one year retreatment plan and all post-operative visits up to one year. There are no hidden costs or undisclosed fees because QualSight has set contracted LASIK prices with doctors. 

Important Facts about LASIK Eye Surgery Costs

Beware of bait and switch pricing! Often extremely low prices of LASIK for $250 or $399 per eye have fine print attached and prices significantly increase based on your prescription or astigmatism.

QualSight prices for LASIK never increases based on your prescription or astigmatism. In addition, your optometrist may receive part of your LASIK eye surgery cost when referring you to the surgeon. This co-managed (added) fee is passed on to you in the form of higher LASIK pricing. 

Many LASIK doctors only perform one type of LASIK procedure at the most expensive rate. QualSight's network of more than 800 locations includes quality doctors that collectively offer every FDA-approved technology and LASIK procedure type. 

Lower your Cost of LASIK with your FSA/HSA

You may maximize your dollar by using your pre-tax Flex Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA). Often, QualSight's pricing  is low enough to be covered Cost of LASIK Surgeryentirely by your eligible FSA spending account. Depending on your tax bracket, you may save up to 30% or more in taxes. In accordance with new federal regulations on healthcare, the maximum allowed to put in your flex spending account is $2550. The QualSight price for Traditional LASIK surgery is typically under $995 per eye, therefore it is possible to cover your entire LASIK surgery cost with your FSA account.

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Affordable LASIK with Interest Free Financing

At QualSight, we provide our members with affordable financing options by working with CareCredit. Since insurance companies consider LASIK to be an elective and cosmetic procedure, we offer flexible financing options to help cover your cost of LASIK. There are several payment plans available to choose from and applying takes just 2 minutes. Once approved you will receive your CareCredit card in the mail. Please contact QualSight with your surgery date.

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Questions for the Best LASIK Cost

  • What is included in the LASIK eye surgery cost?
  • Will you provide written quote and how long is it valid?
  • Does the price change based on the technology used?
  • Is my post-operative LASIK exams included in the price?
  • Is the cost of prescriptions included in the cost?
  • Does my optometrist receive money for my referral?
  • Are you a QualSight LASIK provider?

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