LASIK Retreatment Plans

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Our Credentialed LASIK Surgeons Provide You with Affordable and Quality LASIK Eye Care for One Year  

As a result of this, our Participating Providers offer a one year Provider Assurance Plan at no additional cost. Provider participation may vary and the general details and requirements of our Participating Provider Assurance Plans are available below.

LASIK with One Year Assurance Plan

The Assurance Plan provides our members with re-treatments during the first year after initial surgery at no cost for physician services, however the Member has to pay for the laser card manufacturer’s licensing fee ($110-$330 per eye). Provider participation may vary.

LASIK with a Lifetime Assurance Plan

Any member that purchases a Lifetime Assurance Plan from one of our Providers, obtains no cost re-treatments not only for the first year after the LASIK surgery (including no manufacturer’s licensing fee) but also in subsequent years as long as they are medically advisable. Provider participation may vary.