Vision Glare & Halos

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LASIK Information

Vision Glare & Halos

Vision glare and decreased contrast sensitivity are common side effects which occur in the first few days following LASIK surgery. Usually these problems diminish with time over the weeks and months following your procedure. Vision glare is a dazzling sensation produced by relatively bright light, which causes physical discomfort and/or interferes with visual acuity. LASIK patients often report vision glare as halos or auras around lights (particularly vehicle headlights and tail-lights at night) and starbursts or streaks around streetlights.

Pupils Affect Vision Glare

Pupil size will affect your vision quality after LASIK surgery. Laser surgery patients with large pupils may experience more glare halos than patients with smaller pupils. Since pupils dilate in dim lighting, LASIK patients may notice reduced vision quality in a darkened environment compared to well-lit surroundings.