LASIK Overcorrection & LASIK Undercorrection

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LASIK Information

Vision Overcorrection & Undercorrection

People are unique. Consequently, every eye is unique and may handle the LASIK healing process slightly differently. The treatment plan for LASIK patients is based on the average healing responses of people who have previously undergone LASIK eye surgery. Patients who are aggressive healers can result in a lens undercorrection and those who are slow healers may experience a lens overcorrection.

Correcting Lens Overcorrection & Undercorrection

Generally speaking, treating higher correction levels produce a higher likelihood of experiencing either over lens overcorrection or undercorrection. In most cases, both overcorrection and undercorrection can be treated with an enhancement or retreatment procedure.  However, eyes with very thin or steep corneas or high degrees of refractive errors may not be eligible for enhancements. Therefore, patients should be sure to speak with their physicians about their potential eligibility for an enhancement. In those few cases where a retreatment is not an option, glasses or contact lenses can be successfully used to correct the overcorrection or undercorrection.