LASIK Possible Side Effects & Risks of LASIK Explained

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LASIK Information

Possible LASIK Side Effects & LASIK Eye Surgery Risks

With any surgical procedure there are potential risks involved. In the case of LASIK eye surgery, most risks and potential complications are not significantly vision threatening. However, recent data has documented that the complication rate with LASIK is less than 1% of procedures performed and most patients who experience LASIK complications can receive a retreatment or enhancement through a second treatment.  

Rarely do LASIK complications cause significant or permanent vision loss which result in the patient ending up with worse vision than prior to the LASIK eye surgery procedure.  Also, the risk of eye infections related to LASIK surgery is minimal. Patients will be given a prescription for and antibiotic eye drop medicine to use for approximately one week after LASIK to prevent infection during the early stage of healing.