LASIK Video - My LASIK Experience

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LASIK Eye Surgery Video

We understand that LASIK surgery can seem intimidating; there is a lot of information out there that can make your research overwhelming and often it is difficult to know who to trust. QualSight LASIK's own Client Services Manager, Ashley, allowed us to document her LASIK eye surgery experience and allow potential LASIK surgery candidates to see exactly what it is like to undergo LASIK on video. Go behind the scenes and watch this LASIK video to get a better idea of what to expect before, during and after the LASIK procedure.

LASIK Video Questions?

Still have questions after viewing our LASIK video? We have answers! Our Care Managers are experts in the LASIK eye surgery process, and are ready to answer your questions, assist with finding a great surgeon, and help you schedule a free LASIK exam to learn if you are a potential candidate for LASIK surgery. Call today to begin your LASIK journey! 

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