Hyperopia LASIK (Farsightedness)

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LASIK Eye Surgery Information

Hyperopia is also known as Farsightedness

This is a vision condition in which distance objects seem clearer than closer objects due to the eye being too flat or short, thus the image entering the eye is not clearly focused on the retina. Some common complaints from people who have hyperopia include things like having difficulty in concentrating and keeping a clear view on objects that are close, strain of the eye, fatigue, and headaches after close work.

In delicate cases of hyperopia, one’s eyes may be able to compensate without glasses or contact lenses; however, in higher prescriptions, an ophthalmologist will be able to identify hyperopia and treatment recommendations during your free LASIK exam. 

How Hyperopia can be treated?

LASIK eye surgery aims to increase the curvature of the eye, to ensure images focus correctly on the retina.  LASIK surgery could eliminate or decrease the dependency on wearing contact lenses or glasses.