LASIK Prices Vary Significantly by Procedure Type & Region

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LASIK Information

LASIK Surgery is Priced Separately by Each Eye

LASIK eye surgery price is one of the many factors you will consider before having laser vision correction. Make yourself aware of a few facts when determining if LASIK eye surgery prices are affordable for you and take into consideration the fact that the cost of LASIK varies by procedure type.

LASIK eye surgery cost varies significantly by the LASIK procedure type and the region of the country. National average LASIK prices range from just under $1,000 per eye up to $3,300 per eye based on the technology used, surgeon experience and promotions. Each eye counts as one individual LASIK procedure and it is important to remember that each procedure has its own price. If you are having LASIK eye surgery on both eyes then you will be paying for two separate procedures.

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 The largest factor in your LASIK pricing will be the type of technology used during the procedure. Using the latest and most advanced FDA approved technologies will most likely have a higher cost. The IntraLase and Wavefront procedures are both recent advances in laser vision correction, therefore customizing your LASIK procedure with either of these technologies will have a higher LASIK price.

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LASIK Prices Defined by Procedure

There are different FDA approved LASIK procedures and research is required to learn about which type you are being offered.

  • Traditional - also known as Conventional or Standard LASIK is the lowest priced procedure. The national average cost is $1,649 per eye*, however the QualSight price is under $1,000
  • Custom Wavefront - typically adds several hundred dollars to the price. The overall national average cost is $2,436 per eye*, however the QualSight price is under $1,795
  • Bladeless "all-laser LASIK" - also known as IntraLase, Ziemer or I-LASIK utilizes an additional femtosecond laser which typically adds several hundreds of dollars in cost making it typically the highest priced procedure. Bladeless is available in either Traditional or Custom Wavefront technology
  • PRK - is also a bladeless procedure and is available in either Traditional or Custom technology. The pricing for PRK varies by provider
  • Bladed - uses a microkeratome instrument and is available in Custom or Traditional technology. It typically costs several hundred dollars less than Bladeless
  • Warranty, Retreatment or Assurance Plans - doctors typically offer either a one-year plan or a conditional lifetime plan. 3%-5% of patients will require a retreatment 

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LASIK Surgery Prices Vary Significantly by Provider and Misleading Advertisements

LASIK pricing can seem expensive, making it tempting to look online for lower LASIK prices. However, beware of extremely low costs or “bargain” prices in advertisements. In almost all cases, insurance will not cover the cost of a LASIK procedure, and therefore it can be tempting to respond to low price, unrealistic advertisements. Many LASIK centers and practices lure patients in with the promise of a low cost LASIK procedure and then add on significant additional fees and charges to the final price of the Laser eye surgery procedure. When discussing LASIK pricing with your surgeon make sure that the price advertised includes all aspects of the procedure including all your follow up post-operative appointments.

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