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Traditional LASIK versus Custom LASIK

As you research LASIK procedures, you will most likely find yourself discovering that there are many variations of the LASIK procedure and many different kinds of technology used for LASIK eye surgery. Understanding various terms and the different types of LASIK procedures is essential in helping to determine which version of LASIK is best for you. Many people wonder what the differences are between Traditional LASIK and Custom LASIK. The biggest difference between Traditional LASIK versus Custom LASIK is the technology used to assess a patient’s refractive error.

Traditional LASIK

For the Traditional LASIK procedure, the patient’s prescription is measured using the same traditional tactics that would determine their prescription for glasses and contacts. The information provided from these measurements guides the doctor in reshaping the patient’s cornea. The procedure itself is the same for both Traditional and Custom LASIK. During the Custom LASIK procedure, a comprehensive map of the patient’s eye is created which guides the procedure, while Traditional LASIK relies on feedback from less detailed measurements. The Traditional LASIK procedure is effective for treating lower-order aberrations such as myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. Custom LASIK treats lower-order aberrations as well as higher-order aberrations such as halos, glare and starbursts.

Custom LASIK

With the custom LASIK procedure, it uses Wavefront technology which creates a print or “map” of your eye to aid the doctor in determining the most accurate prescription. Wavefront technology is new to LASIK. The technology itself has been used by astronomers to adjust the optics of their telescopes and has only recently been applied to measuring human vision. The information given from Wavefront technology will aid the doctor when reshaping the patient’s cornea during the LASIK procedure.  Using Wavefront technology to customize LASIK is simple. As a Wavefront system shines light into your eye, the light reflects into the system which provides the doctor with detailed feedback about your eye. It is often recommended that patients with severe astigmatism receive Custom LASIK to precisely measure their prescription.  Custom LASIK is an improvement to LASIK eye surgery however many people still find that Traditional LASIK can meet their needs. Custom LASIK has the potential to provide you with better vision than Traditional LASIK due to providing more specific feedback about your vision prescription. The Custom LASIK procedure can also help people achieve improved night vision and can help to reduce the risk of complication. For some people, such as those with a severe astigmatism, Custom LASIK is highly recommended. Please keep in mind however, not everyone requires the advanced technology that Custom LASIK uses to achieve their desired results in vision correction.