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LASIK Eye Surgery Explained: Best Candidates, Risks, Recovery, Technology & Our Low Prices

LASIK surgery is a FDA approved procedure, and it is performed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. In most cases, LASIK is painless and completed within several minutes per eye. LASIK results improve your vision to reduce and in most cases eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses Read More:  - Watch Video:

Best LASIK Candidates & the LASIK Exam 

The LASIK eye surgeon performs a dilated eye exam to ensure your eyes are healthy and a potential LASIK candidate. The eye surgeon will evaluate the shape and thickness of your cornea, refractive errors, pupil size and your general overall health to determine if you are candidate for LASIK. Read More:  -  Find a Doctor:

How Much Does LASIK Cost with QualSight?

QualSight prices start at less than $995 per eye and are all-inclusive. The total price for LASIK covers the following: your initial exam, LASIK plus a one year retreatment plan and all post-operative visits within the first year. QualSight has no hidden costs or fees.  Read More:  -  Watch Video:

LASIK Surgery Cost Varies by Procedure Type 

The national average LASIK eye surgery cost for doctors who only offer one price for LASIK is over $2,200 per eye*. There are many different FDA approved LASIK procedures and research is required to learn about what LASIK procedure type you are being offered.  Read More:

Laser Eye Surgery Explanation - How it Works

Prior to the LASIK procedure, numbing eye drops are used to alleviate any discomfort to the eye & requires only topical anesthetic drops, and no stitches are required to heal.  Your eye will be positioned under the excimer laser (cool ultraviolet beam of light). The surgeon will then reshape the cornea which takes just seconds. Read More:  -  Watch Video:

PRK Surgery vs. LASIK Surgery Recovery Time

PRK recovery starts when a temporary contact lens is placed on the treated eye and is worn for the first 3 to 5 days for improved comfort along with the use of anti-inflammatory and antibiotic eye drops.  Expect to attend several appointments with your surgeon over the first month during your recovery. Typically, best corrected vision recovery is obtained 4 weeks to 3 months following PRK surgery. Read More:

Possible Side Effects & Risks of LASIK Surgery

With any surgical procedure there are potential risks and side effects. In the case of LASIK eye surgery, most risks and potential complications are not significantly vision threatening. Complication rates and side effects with LASIK are rare with less than 1% of Laser eye surgeries experiencing complications. Read More:

After LASIK Surgery / Post-Op Information 

After LASIK eye surgery, you may experience a temporary itching sensation in your eyes and should expect some blurry vision or haziness immediately after surgery, which generally lasts 8-12 hours. The next day your vision and clarity should continue to improve and most people return to work. It is common for the eyes to continue to heal for 3 months after LASIK. Read More: 

The Best LASIK Surgeons and LASIK Doctors 

QualSight LASIK manages the largest network of credentialed and experienced LASIK eye surgeons nationwide. Our LASIK eye surgeons use only FDA approved technologies and have collectively performed over 7.0 million LASIK procedures. QualSight is a preferred LASIK program for 3 out of 4 Health Plans, Insurance Companies & Fortune 500 Employers. Find a Doctor:  -  Watch Video:

* Reported by the leading LASIK eye surgery market analyst, Market Scope LLC