LASIK for Presbyopia

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Presbyopia is a Vision Condition Caused by Aging

The presbyopic process is when the natural lens inside the eye gradually loses its flexibility and results in blurry vision for reading and near work.  In a younger eye, ones lens will need to modify the length or shape in order to see  objects that are near. The capability of the lens changing shape is called the flexibility of the lens. The flexibility of the lens is gradually lost due to the ageing process. This result can lead to a gradual decrease for the capability of your eye to focus on close objects.

People will start to notice the symptoms  around age 45, once they notice that they have to hold books, magazines, and other  materials further away in order to be able to focus their eyes to read. Presbyopia is part of aging and does affect everyone sooner or later.  Symptoms of Presbyopia can vary from person to person and some signs could be headaches, eye strain, in turn can cause your ability to focus to be decreased.  A couple of tests that would be performed would be an examination of the retina, integrity of the eye muscle, or a refractive test.

Near or around the age of 65, the eyes have lost a great amount of the elasticity needed to focus vision up close. However, it can still be a possible task to read with the assistance of LASIK eye surgery. In turn, you might find yourself needing to hold reading material farther away to focus, and you might need a larger text and more lighting to read.

Some people may choose to correct one eye for near and one eye for far vision. This is called "monovision," and it defeats the need for bifocals or reading glasses, but it can also have an effect on depth perception. Most times the monovision treatment can be utilized through laser vision correction or LASIK. Another option can be bifocal contact lenses that can correct for both far and near vision in both eyes. If this issue is not corrected, the vision will get worse and can cause problems with lifestyle, work, and even driving.

There are a couple LASIK surgical procedures that can also offer more solutions for those who do not want to wear contacts or glasses. There is no proven prevention for presbyopia. Call us today if you are experiencing eye strain or are having a difficult time  focusing on close objects.