QualSight's Mission

QualSight is focused on making laser vision correction an affordable, life-enhancing benefit to its members. At the same time, we’re dedicated to helping plan sponsors offer this value-added service to their members at a cost that meets their benefit expense objectives.

QualSight applies managed care principles to provide a comprehensive refractive surgery benefit. Among the capabilities we employ are: an aggressively contracted network of credentialed Ophthalmologists; state-of-the-art claims adjudication systems; a service-orientated call center staffed with trained, knowledgeable Care Managers who assist members in accessing our services; certified quality assurance programs; patient outcomes data and member satisfaction surveys. Finally and most importantly, QualSight is committed to service excellence. 

Why Choose QualSight

Plan Sponsors Choose QualSight Because:

  • We provide a managed vision program for our members that benefit from aggressive contracts with independent Ophthalmologists resulting in substantial savings off the national average charge for LASIK.
  • QualSight does not own LASIK practices. Instead we completely focus on managing the program and benefit, not running ophthalmology practices and laser centers.
  • With over 1,000 locations, we run the most extensive network of independent, credentialed LASIK surgeons in the United States.
  • Our doctors have been credentialed by CredSimple, a leading medical credentialing verification organization that is NCQA certified for all verification elements.
  • QualSight reports to its plan sponsors on member satisfaction and delivers summary reports on medical outcomes.
  • We have the latest generation claims adjudication systems that interfaces directly with benefit administrators to make consumer driven health plans (FSAs and HSAs) more appealing by adding coverage for this unique benefit.
  • Our independent medical review panel approves every protocol in administering the laser eye surgery benefit.
  • QualSight is committed to being fully HIPAA compliant.

In surveys sent to every one of our members who had laser vision correction in 2018, QualSight earned LASIK reviews of an overall 97% satisfied or very satisfied performance grade. We’re driven to improve even on this successful percentage.

Healthcare Memberships & Trusted Affiliations:

Since 2004, QualSight LASIK has been a trusted name in the healthcare industry and is recognized as a complaint free A+ accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. We research and credential every LASIK surgeon to help you save money.

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