Misleading LASIK Deals

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LASIK Information

LASIK Deals - Don't be Fooled by $699 Advertising and Coupons that are "Too Good to be True"

$699 per eye sounds like a pretty good deal for LASIK eye surgery and you may have seen this price advertised before, but buyers beware because bargains like this are unfortunately always too good to be true. The expense of LASIK eye surgery can make advertised prices like this look appealing and can even lure patients into a doctor’s office. However, patients rarely, if ever, pay the actual amount advertised and it is unlikely that you will only pay $699 per eye on LASIK. 

Doctors who advertise deals for low priced LASIK surgery probably have set restrictions on who can benefit from this deal. It may be set that the lower prices only pertain to candidates who have a lower prescription. Some advertisements will claim that LASIK can be done for $699 per eye when the prescription is lower than 1.25. However, most patients who seek out LASIK surgery will have a prescription much higher than that. In fact most patients who consider LASIK have a prescription above 2.0 and they are unable to take advantage of any “bargain LASIK” prices. If these details and restrictions are not already in the fine print, then the patients will usually learn this information during their first visit or consultation with the doctor.

Some advertisements may attract customers to LASIK facilities with the promise of low priced LASIK surgery. However, once customers reach these facilities they are hit with additional fees and payments after surgery. Sometimes additional costs are added to the total cost of the procedure, such as fees for check-ups post surgery during the recovery period. In reality these advertisements of bargain prices for LASIK are deceiving and will not save patients money in the end. 

QualSight has set contracted pricing with doctors across the USA so we save our members on average $1,500 off the average LASIK eye surgery cost. Our Care Managers explain the procedure types listed so you can understand the differences.